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What are the signs that you are wasting your life?

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  1. When you don’t feel like waking up in the morning. Nothing excites you about the day.
  2. When most often than not, you act to please people and not yourself.
  3. When you blindly follow societal norms without thinking on what is good for you and what is that you want.
  4. When you be and do something you feel is too less than what you are worthy of.
  5. When you just run behind making and hoarding money and related stuff ignoring the love, feelings and efforts of people who love you and have stood by you.
  6. When you are available to everyone except your close ones and yourself.
  7. When you spend day cribbing about things around and don’t do anything to change it.
  8. When looking back, all you do is regret and still don’t learn anything out of it.
  9. When you do something you don't want to everyday and don’t do anything to change it.
  10. When major chunk of day goes by watching television. reading whatsapp forwards, browsing social media, socializing and planning on where to spend money next in terms of travel, shopping, movies, eating out etc.
  11. When you keep staying in a destructive or a abusive relationship just out of fear of society.
  12. When you don’t voice any wrong happening around or with you and start living with it.


Signs that you are wasting your life

Signs you are wasting life

Comfort zone

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How to Deal with Criticism

Learning "How to deal with Criticism" will make you a more responsible, magnanimous, versatile, flamboyant and genuine personality.

Being a sensitive and overly emotional person with wide ranging sentiments, my mother always asked me to deal with people and their critical judgments very bold and confidently. No matter what, she has always advised me not to be a coward or to get scared of people but to look them in the eye and respond to them in the same language and tone as theirs. With time I've realized that how correct my mother is because this world is a harsh place filled with even harsher people and those who are innocent or stupid cannot work along with them and end up being laid down by the ones who are shrewd and immensely clever. Although this world has 7 billion people in it, but there are 14 billion faces because everyone out there is carrying a second face within them, a painted up face which is colored with traits of selfishness, hypocrisy, diplomacy, being judgmental and being critical as well.

Therefore, the ones who have a small heart tend to get carried away by the behavior and attitudes of such people but the wise man would know that in order to live with such people and to work along with them even he needs to be the same as them but with them only. Therefore, if you come across criticism handle it with confidence and some other things which are described below.

05. Silence is Bliss

silence is bliss

As they say, 'you don't throw stones at every dog that barks at you.' Come to think of it, this is a really meaningful quote as it tells us that not everyone deserves our response, not everyone is worthy to reply and not everyone will speak well of you and if they do so then you don't need to respond to them in any way possible. Moreover, keep in mind girls; anyone starting from your closest friend or your cousin whom you've grown up with, your immediate blood relative to your coworkers, almost everyone won't speak good of you because people are sadist as they won't be content over your success or achievements. But don't let it get on your head as it's one of the strongest stress symptoms. Hence, always remember this; people will criticize you but you need not respond back to them because they don't deserve even a bit of your attention.

04. Be a Bold & Daring Person

 bold daring person

Women are generally considered as fragile and weak to handle, they're considered to be sentimental and emotional beings who think from the heart rather than mind and that's how they usually react towards situations. But my strong beautiful girls, you're deeper than the ocean and much more intense than the high tides of the sea, you're an invincible being whom God has created very lovingly and in whom He tends to see sheer determinations, will power and consistency. Therefore, honor yourself by being a strong, daring and bold person and take every criticism positively. You need to,

  • Take every criticism thrown at you positively.
  • Never take it to your heart.
  • Listen to it from one ear and let it out from the other.
  • Think to yourself that your conscious should be clear as to what you're doing and how you're living your life and the rest doesn't matter.

03. Voice Your Response When Required

 voice your response

Ladies, you don't need a man to depend over whilst you're self-sufficient for yourself. As Priyanka Chopra puts it by stating that she'd only need a man when she wants to have a baby, otherwise she's good enjoying her being independent. But for that you need to be really strong headed, you need to wisely differentiate between the right and wrong, the good and bad and then concluding to yourself that what and who is actually worthy of you. However, at some point of time you need to raise a voice against any sort of criticism which is unfair and needs to be corrected especially when it's against your character or your self-respect. Women usually don't speak against or complaint a file against domestic violence and tend to keep quiet for the sake of marriage and their children but they're definitely wrong as there are some criticisms which shouldn't be taken lightly such as,

  • Speaking ill of your character.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Verbal harassment.
  • Physical harassment.

02. Laugh it off

 laugh it off

There is one thing we need to learn from the joker which is laughing off every criticism or even compliment that come his way and getting involved in setting up a whole new joke the very next moment. The wise man is widely known for laughing off any criticism that comes his way because deep down in his heart he knows that what he's doing is correct whilst others judgmental behavior and critical thinking doesn't really matter to him. He proudly says that let them speak whatever they want because neither will it affect him or his life in any way possible but they are evidently a low life since all they have in their lives is talking about his and his life. But never let your critics take the best of you as they add to your stress symptoms. Therefore, one doesn't pay heed to all those criticisms and laugh it off because they know that they are much better than those haters in any way possible.

01. Show Them That You're Better Than This

 you are a better person

If you hear a criticism against yourself, do nothing but promise to yourself that you'll do so good in life that you'll show all of them haters what you're capable of which will make them realize that they were quite wrong about you. Ladies, this is life and fairness and justice is a part of it which is dictated by the institution of Karma which is working at quite a fast pace in the world we live in. So don't ever get disheartened because of all those haters and critics, but keep your faith in God and let Him handle it all and if you'll be that lucky then God will make you watch those things coming back at them in much worse ways. Last reminder, don't let it get on your head as it will make you stressed and will be one of the major stress symptoms for you.

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